Friday, December 14, 2012

Breakin the Birkenhead....

It's the time of year when my job starts winding down so mid week missions start becoming a reality. Last Wed night Kurt and I jammed out to the tiny village of Pemberswiss. This location would put us a stones throw away from the gateway to the Sun God.

On route we stopped into the fine Pemberton establishment of Mile 1 and got directions to our objective.  

After a few evening pops we woke early to a bit of a power blizzard.

Within a few km's from the truck it was apparent this was going to be a very deep day. We were the first on the road since the last couple of big storms. At 1200m it was nipple neep!

We soon found ourselves below the prize.

Trail breaking was heinous!

The aptly named Sun God shone bright....  

After 3 hours on the trail and 2 on the sled the short December day caught up to us.

The snow was spectacular...

I've been fortunate to be test piloting a proto-type G3 splitty. All signs point to it being a dominate pow weapon! Photo: Kurt Withers.

I'll be back! 

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