Friday, December 14, 2012

The Sun God of Pemberton....

I was left wanting a lot more after all the work we put in breaking trail to the sun God so Danielle and I packed up and headed back to the Birkenhead early Sat am. As we left Squamish the weather was bluebird and the temps were cold!

The drive was scenic....

This time we were at the base of the mountain within 30 min of the truck!

It was only 10:30am and we were in the alpine!

We crossed some pretty aggressive slopes above Cerulean Lake with confidence in the snowpack.

At around noon the weather really started crapping out and a dark milky haze surrounded us.  

Sun God Sun Dog!  

We shut her down at 2100m on the North Ridge of the Sun God. With a pretty aggressive early season line in our future we spent some time looking at the snowpack. The good news was the Nov 7th hoar layer was deteriorating and bonding well on the slope we had chosen.      

First big line of the year!

50 deg with interesting glide cracks and mini bergs to air over ....

Back to the pow wagon in the dark.

After another evening of beer and hot-tubbing we awoke early so a reasonable wether day.      

Looking good!

The previous days tracks looked good....

Again the Sun God shone on us!

A great early season week-end!


Ina said...

Happy New Year Pat!
Love reading your snow adventures just as much as your bike ones.

Question: Can you tell me what pack Danielle has? I noticed she uses the same one for winter and summer (don't know what you use as we rarely see you in the pics :-). Craig and I are looking to getting larger packs for some overnight summer trips and for snowshoe days in the backcountry (where we need more room for avy gear).

If Danielle would be willing to share what she likes and doesn't like about her pack, that would great.

Cheers, Ina

Pat Mulrooney said...

Happy New Year Ina....
Just back from some time out of the country. Glad to hear you're enjoying the adventures....
Danielle and I pretty much exclusively use Arc Teryx Arrakis 40L ( packs for Winter and Summer and for day trips and overnighters. This is only due to very lightweight and minimalistic packing. She totally loves the comfort of this model.