Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hope Hurley's got the Pow....

It's the time of year when scouring the web for snow data is a regular habit of mine. With everything lining up for a bluebird week-end finding the "Right" zone was a must! The Hurley's legendary dumps rarely let us down so we aimed the truck north and headed past Pemberton.

The new 2013 XM in the garage has been raring to get out into the deep so we intended to put some easy break-in miles on her and head to Bralorne for an evening at the bar and local accommodations.

This thing's gonna be ridiculous!

The day was early so we headed into Hope Creek for some turns.

We decided to pop into Backcountry Snowcats and check out what a bunch of my friends have been raving about. Reg and Kathy were quick to greet us and offered up afternoon coffee and tea. The hospitality was amazing and Reg offered to show us the terrain when we finished lunch.

We had time for a quick lap in some pretty juicy looking trees.

The afternoon alpenglow was pretty spectacular....

We headed back onto the Hurley and 30 min later we came across a plowed East Hurley that was supposed to be our route to Bralorne. While at Backcountry Snowcats, Reg offered us accommodations so we were eager to take him up on it.

An hour later the beers were going down easy in the hot tub with a million dollar view. Reg and Kathy cooked up a great curry dinner and we had great company over more beers.

-17degC Sunday am.

Danielle and I helped out with some roof shovelling after breakfast and headed out for the day.

All roads lead to well spaced burned forests!

The Grouty Mountain alpine was amazing....

The month of Snowvember is officially on....


  1. Gorgeous. A bluebird day makes any outdoor activity so much better :-)