Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cloudburst Powburst....

The second day of winter was looking wintery in Squamish. With a small weather window in the forecast for Saturday morning Jack, Dave and Gus joined me to hit up an old-growth tree zone near Squamish. Within a few kms of the trucks the snow was tits deep. It was clear sled trail breaking was going to take up our whole day to get at our intended zone. A quick change of plans and we were positioned to hit up Cloudburst Mountain's north facing slopes.

The "weather window" ended near noon!

Jack set an aggressive skin track and we got very close to the summit.

On our descent, Prior's Sales and Marketing Manager Gus Cormack found some amazing pillows to test out a pair of Husume's. The terrain was pretty spectacular!

It was deep.

And it puked all day.

No winter trip would be right without a very dark exit.

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