Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mt. Baker Birthday Shred....

For a number of reasons and circumstances it's been difficult to get into the mountains over the past few weeks. Danielle and I purchased a home in Squamish which took up a surprising amount of our time. The weather was a little spotty at times and I came down with a brutal flu on one of the week-ends. I was determined however to get out on my annual Birthday mission. It's kind of a strange ritual to prove to myself one year doesn't make a difference. As the stupidly early am start (3:30am) approached, it was clear Danielle was sick with the flu and had to pull the plug. Drey took pity on me and joined me on my day in the hills.

There are very few places I'd rather be in May than on Mt.Baker. Everything about it is massive and impressive. Drey is new to ski touring and this was her first trip outside the near-country and into the true back-country. It was nice to see the look on her face and reminded me of the first time I set foot on the mountain nearly 20 years ago. The approach was mellow and warm.

I've become fond on the Grouse Creek approach and it's ultra direct line to the Coleman Glacier. The contrast of May in the Cascades was in full force.

I've made a point of never hitting Baker unless the weather looks like this!

Drey was super nice and brought me a miniature Birthday cake. It was really good.

One year older....               


  1. Happy birthday, Pat! Age is just a number, and with all the exercise you're getting, i'm sure you'll get to celebrate many more Mt.Baker birthdays:)

  2. Thanks very much Kjetil.... A day in the mountains is always the way to reflect on the year.