Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet Pemberton Corn...

One of my favourite areas to hit in May is the Pemberton Valley. The Upper Lillooet river is such a unique place and this time of the year you can get at much of it with very little effort. Massive walls run steeply up into the alpine on both sides of valley. The views below share a striking resemblance to the lush valley bottoms of Europe. There's nothing quite like the contrast this time of the year. Everything's up for grabs! The evenings had been cold with some blazing hot days so we expected the corn to be setting up nicely.

We drove as far as the highest cut-block would take us and geared up.

Five minutes into the day we got to know some of B.C.'s finest slide alder.

At one point I looked at Danielle and she had the "what the hell are we doing this for" look?


After a little while we entered an old burn and things started to thin out.

Spring was in the air!

After nearly a 1000m boot-pack we were high above the Upper Lillooet river in the alpine.

Great views of Mt Meager and Capricorn at the head of the valley. Almost two years ago the massive slide that came off Meager showed itself.        

Some juicy looking lines on Luxuria Peak!

Plinth and Meager.

We made the summit of Zorah Peak.

Athelstan and Luxuria.  

Spring fashions!

The descent off Zorah was corny....

We made a long run all the way down to the Face Mountain saddle. The snow was perfect.

Mt. Swanson looked inviting....    

We made it back up to the ridge line and dropped in on our 1200m descent back to the truck. Overseer and Spidery were dominant in the back-ground!    

It doesn't get much better for May!

We milked the last strip of snow almost all the way to the truck.... More spring days to come!

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