Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Squamtanamo Bay....

Friday night Danielle and I put in an offer to purchase a home in Squamish so we decided to get a better perspective of the area from above. We figured the best place to do this would be the summit of Mt Garibaldi. Neither of us had ever skied / boarded it so it was a perfect opportunity to head up the classic volcano that stands guard high above Howe Sound. Local guides Andy and Scott led the way up Brohm Ridge.

After 20 min or so the mountain showed itself....

We found a place to park the machines and put on our glacier gear.

We got some great views of the Tantalus Range....

From this vantage the neighbourhood we chose looked well situated.

The traverse of the Warren Glacier was scenic.

I finally found out where that pointy mountain on my Prior Splitty was!    

As we rounded the corner and started up the North Pitt Glacier big views of the more remote parts of Garibaldi Park opened up.

The summit boot-pack looked a little wind hammered.


Only 4 hours in and we were on the summit ridge.....

The view of Atwell's West face was sick!

The weather came in quick white we were on the summit so it was a bit of a milkbird drop in.


Cheers to a Squamish classic!


Mary Hearnden said...

So was the house offer accepted?
Nice day up there!

Pat Mulrooney said...

Thanks Mary.... Still in progress.