Monday, April 2, 2012

Menace to Snowbriety....

Just when it looked like spring wanted to show it's face this season, winter decided to show up and kick us in the face one more time! The mountains around Pemberton received over 4 meters of snow in March alone this year. When Dave and I departed for the week-end the forecast looked to be "reasonable". Reality  turned out to be an entirely different story however.

A last minute look at the webcam on Friday night reviled this!  

We deployed all our "Pow Weapons" Saturday morning....

The ride in was DEEEEEP.

We parked the machine and went for a few long walks. It was scenic.

This turned out to be one of the deepest days of the year!

Dave found a hole so we decided to sleep in it.

Dave made his special limited edition Curry. It was amazing.

We ran out of beer.

April 1 we packed up and headed for the sled.

April fools..... 30 cms of new!

Reneckery ensued! Another deep week-end....

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