Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Della-icious Askom!

Word on the street had been the Della Creek trail was in perfect condition for shredding so Mike and I headed north east towards Lillooet Friday after work. After a beautiful drive through Pemberton we set up camp high on the Duffey and Mike made one of his famous tail-gate meals which was washed down with one too many Red Racer Ales.  Slideshow

After what seemed like an epic hungover drive to the trailhead we parked Mike's truck at the trails exit and began what would likely become a 3 hour climb. Just as we rounded the first corner we ran into two guys (Paul and Chris) who were about to embark on the same journey as us. The phrase "Anyone up for a shuttle" came out pretty quickly and we were in the back of a truck on our way up Askom Mountain the fast way!

Another great summer day in Lillooet in the bank!       

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