Monday, July 4, 2011


Every year as the Canada Day long week-end approaches I start dreaming up adventures that best define what being Canadian is to me. It usually involves bikes, girls, beer, snow, and mountains. I can't think of a better place to celebrate my Canadianess than a trip to the South Chilcotins  to put that all together. July 1 is usually the first day of the season Tyax Air starts flying eager rippers into the endless single-track wonderland. This year we decided to head in on our own power to mix it up a little. Danielle invited her good friend Drey to join us on the three day ride. This would be Drey's first trip in so I helped her out by 
putting a 2012 Norco Range prototype under her to help out the experience. Slideshow    

Being Canadian has so many advantages. You get to drive through amazing snow covered passes in July like the Hurley Pass!

Just past Gun Lake we got to take in some local wildlife.

The good thing about a really wet spring is the greenness almost hurts your eyes.  

We arrived at the Jewel Bridge parking area and set off with our fully loaded packs.


The Balsam Root was in full effect!  

After a couple hours winding our way up Gun Creek we emerged into the vast wild flower garden below Spruce Lake and Mt Sheba.

When we arrived at Spruce Lake we set up camp and the girls began their Canada Day celebrations. Girls gone Wild at Spruce Lake IIIV!
 A typical Canadian conversation.... I want your beer too.


More celebrating!

I have a tough life.

My turn to wear the hat.

After some smokies over the fire Drey retired to her Bivi and us to our tent.

The views from Spruce in morning were spectacular as always!

With a big day planned we set off early back towards Gun Creek.

Drey seemed to enjoy her first big Chilcotin epic!

Winter doesn't want to let go this year. It's still ski season on Dickson!  


We soon arrived at Hummingbird and enjoyed it's beach.

And Trigger lake.

With only a few options (snow free) in the area we made our way up Deer Pass's south slopes to take in some more Canadian views.

A couple of hours later we made it to 2100m and within one kilometre of Deer Pass.

The Leckie Range bigness! So many possibilities.....

Mmmmmm..... Deer Pass trail.

Massive Black Brain Mushroom.

Time to head back to Spruce.  

The ride back to Spruce was buttery as usual. On the upper slopes of Spruce we were lucky enough to witness a large Grizzly grazing in the meadows. As soon as he saw us he did the classic hind leg stance to get a good look and quickly bolted into the forest.    

Cheers to a big day in the mountains!

We had a lazy morning at Spruce to enjoy the last day of the trip. On the way out we hit the ultra buff Upper Gun Creek meadows trail. A perfect way to end the ride back to the truck!

There were large beers in the truck! Cheers to another great Canada Day!

Red Racer Pale Ale is goooood! Token beer add.    

We wrapped up another great Canada day week-end with the scenic drive back over the Hurley. See you soon South Chilcotins!

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Unknown said...

Nice trip report! Looks great up there already. I expected all that snow to be more of an issue.