Friday, June 28, 2013


The first day of summer is sweet and sour in the Chilcotins. The days start to get shorter already and there's usually plenty of snow in the alpine. This year however we have a below average snowfall and it's almost full "game on" in the alpine. Mike and Juneau joined me on the longest day of the year to see if Ridge-a-Rama would go. The weather forecast wasn't very inspiring but the calendar said it was summer so we headed north.

We set off into a light drizzle up the pleasant Pearson Creek mine road.  

The Paintbrush welcomed summer.

After a couple of hours we were in a very thick and cold cloud above tree-line.

The ball of light in the sky was trying very hard to make an appearance so we kept our heads up.

Our persistence paid off as the ceiling lifted just above our heads! Views of the Bridge River valley opened up. From this vantage you get a perfect view of what the fire did a few years back.  

First tracks on Ridge-a-Rama! Welcome back Summertime!

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