Thursday, September 25, 2014

Under the Overseer....

The week-end marked the last day of summer so what better way to say hello to fall than a visit to the ice laden Meager creek area. This is an area I'd always meant to visit but never quite made it for one reason or another. I'd summited many close peaks in almost every direction including Meager, Athelstan, Spindrift and Blockhead. Danielle's dad Karel and Juneau were up for the adventure so we headed north early Saturday morning.      

We found the road system and new VOC trailhead easily and set off above the Capricorn landslide.    

We got a unique view from this side of the creek. A few years back on Spindrift I snapped a cool shot of just how massive this thing was.  

It was safe to say Juneau was having the best day of her life!

The trail was incredbily well built in a very special coastal forest.  

Just last year they were crossing this creek without this new bridge!

Smoke on the water....

From the upper reaches of Madhorse Creek the views of Meager were unreal. We were up there on the lookers right shoulder only two weeks before the epic landslide.      

After 7 hours we arrived at the Harrison Hut and caught the last sunset of summer 2014.

The cabin's door and windows made for some picture frames.

Cold beverages.... warm night....

Danielle whipped up another killer dinner....

Smoke filled valleys make for some nice colours....

With almost no moon the night sky put on a nice show for us!

We woke to a perfect and very warm first day of fall and headed north for "The Frozen Boot".

Juneau was having the second best day of her life....

From the top we had some spectacular views of the Manatee Group....  

And Elaho Mountain....

The Overseer....

Us and the Overseer....

We summited at 11:00am and b-lined it back to the cabin for lunch.  

It took 6 hours to get back to the truck. On the way out we found the smoke culprit.

Another area is ticked off the list just in time for winter.        


  1. We live in such a glorious part of BC - thanks for sharing!

  2. Cheers Ina.... It's a special place for sure!

  3. Awesome Pat. I love your photo essays. The Harrison Hut was on the list for this Summer but it never happened. Next year!

    1. Cheers Leigh.... Glad you enjoy the photos. I regularly check out your blog as well. You're photos are world class and you capture the area in a unique way.

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