Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Coast range cruisin....

As the long week-end approached my knee was surprisingly feeling signs of improvement so I hitched onto a trip my friends from Garbanzo Bike n Bean put together in the South Chilcotin area. The weather in the Sea to Sky was looking a little unsettled so heading north almost always pans out.                  

We arrived at our secluded lakeside campsite just in time to catch the Saturday evening sunset.  

We awoke to another great weather day in paradise....    

Enroute we spotted some big equipment from John Deere that was clearly the colour inspiration for the new 2015 Norco Sight C7.2 Mark was riding....       

Aside from Mark who had ridden in the area before, the boys were all new to the glorious single-track of the South Chilcotin Mountains. Ken looked to be enjoying himself....   

Mark helped me take out some small trees that had contributed to a previous wide handlebar related accident.

And a few biggies were removed leaving this sweet piece of single-track 100% clear.    

After a 7.5 hour day we landed back at camp and spent the night enjoying one of the last late summer evenings....  Good times as always!


  1. Good to hear your knee can spin again. We were thinking of going to this part of paradise later in Sept. BTW - fresh snow on the mountains up there as of yesterday morning.

    1. Cheers Ina.... The snow came and went and hopefully we'll have a solid riding season well into late October. Have a great one out there!