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Out of Bounds Tales from the Back-Country photo comp....


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With the countdown to winter on, the Whistler bike park about to close, the flooded tourist stream downgraded to a trickle, and every local from toddler to grandparent eagerly waiting for the first big snowfall, it only seems right to feed the anticipation with a weekly diet of ski and snowboard film premieres. Tis’ the season to get stoked!
As the calendar flips pages from September to October, the Whistler Arts Council has set the stage for one of the best local get-stoked events. Showcasing mountain life and the people who live it, the Whistler Arts Council is hosting a series of events revolving around Whistler massive backcountry, the culture attached to it, and the people invested into it.
Photographers include Brad Slack, Cam Hunter, David Bishop, Geoff Jansen, Mark Gribbon, Marcus Richardson, Nick Vail, Pat Mulrooney, Russel Dalby, Rueben Krabbe, Steve Andrews, Sean St. Denis, Vince Shuley, and Zoya Lynch. Good luck to each of you!
Other events happening during Out of Bounds include the Prior Snow topsheet reception (Oct. 5), the film premiere of Burton’s “13” (Oct 12), and second in the series of Whistler Debates (Oct. 29) hosted in partnership with Whistler is Awesome and the Whistler Museum. To find out more about any of these events, cruise over to the Whistler Arts Council website or drop-by Millennium Place.
I'm stoked to have Three of my winter images in this years "Out of Bounds Tales from the Back-Country" photo comp this month.       

These are the shots they selected....

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