Friday, September 28, 2012

The Alps of Pemberswiss....

Last Saturday am was one of the hardest days to drag myself out of bed this year. I arrived home from the Interbike show in Las Vegas at 2:30am the previous evening. We got out of bed at 6:00am and scrambled to pack our bags for an unknown overnighter. Colin showed up and we headed north to the fabled Pemberswiss Alps.

On the way up we followed some roads.

There was evidence man had been here before.

There was fungus among us....

After a few hours we found single-track gold! Another alpine ride within an hour and a half of home....

Soon the views really opened up and the bigness of this place showed itself to us.

We founds a sweet spot to set up a high camp to position us for the next day.

The sunset was epic!

So was the beer and the star filled sky!

The next morning we perked up a brew and took in the views.

Our friend Sampson.

We set off for the day to get higher into the alpine.

Where were we!

The trail soon petered out so we continued on foot.

We found an oasis....

There were alpine sharks present.

Danielle figured she'd never get another opportunity to swim with sharks so she did.

On the way out we picked some juicy looking lines for the upcoming snow season. See you soon....


  1. Gorgeous. Do you ever carry a fishing rod? Mighty fine breakfast in that lake :-)

  2. Thanks Ina, It certainly occurred to us...

  3. I'd be really interested to see an article on how you prep for these bigger trips - planning, kit details, backup plans, etc.

    I've been digging through your archives and it's inspirational stuff - not surprised you moved to Squamish!

  4. Sounds good.... maybe I'll put something together when we are in between seasons. Pumped to hear you're enjoying the blog.