Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Down Down and Towards....

It's turning out to be one of those falls again where everything lines up for some big alpine rides. Perfect weather and temps before the inevitable wet weather takes over. This week-end Juneau joined us for a big loop in the Sea to Sky area. It's an elusive trail that delivers much of what I crave this time of the year. A brutal climb followed by a faint trail in heather meadows to a ridiculous 1600m single-track descent.


The day starts as a big FSR climb with some amazing views of the Tanatalus Range and the Squamish valley.


After a few hours you emerge into the alpine and the views open up.

Castle Towers and Garibaldi Park.

The Black Tusk and fall colours.

Some great alpine scenery!

And a final big view of the valley we live in before the single-track drop in....

One hour of full throttle bike porn.

And when we finally got spit out of the forest I saw one of my favourite shops that helps make pow dreams come true. This was a good sign indeed!

And Juneau found a lazy boy for a well deserved rest.


Unknown said...

How difficult is this to navigate? Looks amazing, and surely worth the pain.

Pat Mulrooney said...

Super hard to navigate. It would be near impossible to locate unless shown.