Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh Canada....

This is somewhat of an overdue blog as it took place Canada Day long week-end a few weeks ago.  
Danielle and I have made a point of celebrating Canada and what it means to us by riding deep into the Southern Chilcotin mountains on this annual trip. The tricky part this year was the day before we left we packed up our former lives in North Vancouver and made the move to our new home in Squamish. So after waking up after our hectic moving day we packed up our bikes and headed north.

The morning was a bit chaotic.

But once we were flying over the Hurley Pass we were able to relax and head towards the sunny Chilcotins...

The drive up Relay was spectacular as usual....

We set up camp with a great view of Relay and Teepee Mountains....

Refreshments were well deserved...

Canada Day!

I did my best to blend into the forest....

Nearing Graveyard pass the views opened up!

The historic Graveyard Cabin welcomed us.

We found a great spot to set up camp.


Danielle found proof we were standing on an ancient sea floor now 1900m above sea level and very far from the coast.        

The next day we made our big traverse back to the truck.

A solid effort for our first bike overnighter of 2012....


  1. Hi Pat,

    A happy belated Canada Day to you, eh :-)

    Craig and I are going to be heading up Relay Creek Road in about a week's time. How far up did you drive? We know the road conditions have deteriorated since we were last there in Aug 2010. Hoping to get as far as the cowboy camp beside the creek and ride in from there.

    Cheers, Ina

    1. Happy Canada day indeed!

      We like peddling so we opted to ride most of the Relay Cr rd. From what I remember there were 2 spots I wouldn't enjoy driving due to the road falling away.

      Good luck!