Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tenquille the hard way....

There's no question the Tenquille trail took a beating after the massive wildfire raged over it a couple of summers ago. The soil became fragile and washed away for the most part revealing mainly rock. The other issue is the soil is way more fertile now and by mid summer the trail all but disappears into the jungle like greenery limiting your speed by bike to a conservative descent. I think I figured out the best time to hit this trail is now. Both of these issues are minimal as the summer emerges. The only real drawback is the meter or so deep snowpack on the traverse into the forest. Once we got past that it was one of the better descents on the trail since the fire. Summer alpine rides here we come! Slideshow

Pleasant pedalling conditions on the old Hurley....

The Upper Lillooet looked ready to burst!

Some of the traverse in the forest was snow free....

Luckily when we reached Wolverine Creek the bridge was intact.

The Tenquille Creek crossing was a little chilly. The good part was how warm you felt when you got out and onto the snow.

As soon as we got to the burn the descent was juicy!


Danielle and Drey showed off their DH skills all the way to the Upper Lilloet.... A great day out in Pemberton!


  1. Beautiful! PS. How were the mozzies and the other little black winged bastards?

  2. Cheers Ina, not bad that day but with some heat they'll be back.