Wednesday, February 15, 2012

VIMFF Presentation Friday Feb 17 2012

Pat Mulrooney:
Long Live Long Rides.... Back-country mountain biking in Southwest B.C.

VIMFF Mountain Biking Evening,
presented by Norco Performance Bikes
Friday, February 17, 7:30 pm (doors 6:30 pm)
Centennial Theatre

Tickets $18 online / $20 doors    Buy Tickets Here

Pat Mulrooney will take you on a photographic journey into some of British Columbia's best multi day mountain bike rides. These adventures include everything from perfectly manicured single-track to hike-a-bike traverses on alpine ridges and mountain slopes where no trails exist. This type of riding could be considered "Bicycle Mountaineering" with the ultimate goal of finding single-track gold. Areas highlighted include Chilliwack, Squamish, Pemberton, Lillooet and new routes in the South Chilcotins.

The recent advances in the "All Mountain" bicycle category have raised the possibilities to a new level. With these new machines your can travel further with much lighter equipment without ride quality sacrificed. When it comes to overnight gear it's always a challenge to balance comfort vs weight. When the packs are too overloaded you can get bogged down and cover very little ground. Sacrifices in comfort can make all the difference. These rides are rarely trouble free however the rewards are plentiful. With the right planning and like-minded friends you can travel and cover much greater distances than by foot. Some of BCs most surprising mountain bike terrain lies just beyond your back-door!
Pat Mulrooney enjoys combining his passion for mountains and photography every spare moment he has. He is an avid back-country mountain biker, split-boarder, and mountaineer. Raised in the northern B.C. town of Cassiar and now residing on Vancouver's North Shore his love for the outdoors has always been just outside his front door. His desire to discover unique and challenging adventures has always driven him to explore different areas of B.C. as well as many other parts of the world.  


Ina said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this on Friday. Backcountry mountain biking is the best!

Pat Mulrooney said...

Thanks very much Ina... glad you can make it!

IANB said...

really enjoyed the show last night pat . . . would be really interested to see the contents of your pack . one other question . . . does your crew make an effort to use similar or compatible bike equipment to cut down on spare parts required / carried ?

Pat Mulrooney said...

Thanks for coming Ian.... I'll fire that info to you in the next week or so. Yes, we all pretty much use the same drive trains.

Dan Prisk said...

Also really enjoyed the presentation last week. I've been investigating and starting to plan summer routes every since.

I'd be interested to know if you have any good test routes that you're recommend for an initial overnighter? Something that will let me test my gear and fortitude without being at too much risk should something be really wrong.

Would love to see that pack info as well - is that going to be posted up here Pat?

Pat Mulrooney said...

Cheers Dan, glad to hear you enjoyed the show. I was surprised by the level of interest!

In terms of a great single night trip I would suggest a couple.

1. Park at Tyax Lodge. Ride to Taylor Cabin / Pass and then down to High trail. Maybe push up to Windy Pass and reverse back down. Head towards the Eldorado cabin and set up camp in the meadows there. Day 2 ride down Lick and to Tyax or ride back to Taylor and head up Camel pass. Then try and find Ridge-a-rama to North Cinnabar trail.

2. Drive to the end of Relay Cr. Ride up Little Paradise Cr. to the alpine. Set up camp and explore. Day 2 ride back out. Sweet zone!

I'll get a list up shortly on gear. I don't want to post the wrong set up so i'm thinking about it.



Chris said...

Hey Pat, I really enjoyed your presentation and am compiling gear for my own adventures this year. Have you gotten any further with your gear list?