Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lillooet Lines....

On route Saturday morning we ran into a little weather challenge in Pemberton. By challenge I mean pissing rain. The plan quickly changed to the dryer side of the range near Lillooet. Shortly after heading over Cayoosh pass it started to blue up!

After only a 20 min sled ride we found what we we're looking for. The snow was still good above 1700m. We were headed to 2600m.

At around 12:30pm greybird set in and a February storm pounded us. With full vis required for the anticipated line we retreated back to the machine with a new plan.

30 minutes later we were set up for a nice looking couloir I'd hit a few years ago.


The views on the way up were inspiring.

The snow on the face turned out to be a little challenging but the line was pretty aesthetic.

After a bit of a kung-fu billy goat we were spit out at the bottom just in time for a relaxing sunset.


Danielle enjoyed some Redneckery before heading home.  

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