Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Taylor-Lick-Cinnabarbarian".... Tour De Chilcotins....Day 1, 2

With summer slipping away and the high lingering snowpack we had yet to embark on some big high traverses. We decided to extend the B.C. Day long week-end and put in 6 big days to make up for the late start to the season. We arrived at Tyaughton Lake at midnight Tuesday night and got a few hours of sleep before the multi-stage ride would begin. Day 1 Slideshow Day 2 Slideshow

We were equipped with two 2012 pre production rides made perfectly for these big days. A Norco Sight 1 and a Range 1. This was gonna be sweet!

Half way up the Taylor mine road we came across the large avalanche debris that I'd heard about. Impressive doesn't quite cover it!


We arrived in the Alpine and broke tree-line on the way up to Camel Pass. The snow was more manageable than I expected. Our first GC climb was complete!

The descent of choice would be Lick Creek so a high traverse would be necessary to get to Eldorado meadows. We had the place to ourselves!

We shredded the Lick Creek trail all the way to our Beer doping stations. A spectacular 10 hour 40km stage with over 1500m of climbing and descending in the mountains!

Day 2 we set out for the big climb up Pearson Creek that would lead us to one of our favourite single-track gems in the area.


On the way up it was clear the wild flowers had decided summer was here.

After 3 hours we made it to the alpine and had a full frontal view of the neighbouring Dickson Range.

We dropped into the North Face and got a fully legit corn run down to the trail.


And after another classic descent, stage 2 was in the bag. Another big day with over 1700m of climbing and descending over 35kms. Hmmm, maybe we should have a rest day........

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