Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Shulaps Gold".... Tour de Chilcotins Day 5

I awoke on day 5 with excessive beer doping regrets. Maybe I should have done this clean? After a few cups of coffee and a real breakfast that Danielle whipped up I was ready for the final and biggest stage. We set off with a 3 km warm-up but soon after hit the wall that would be our 1500m climb to the high alpine! Slideshow

Some spots were ridable.....

And others were definitely not!

After 3 hours we reached one of my favourite valleys on the planet and found the perfectly etched single-track gold of the Lillooet Range.

It seemed to be raining everywhere but where we were!

And then it was time to shred the 1500m descent! I couldn't remember a time when this trail was in better shape! A little bit of moisture made it as tacky as it's ever been.

Cheers to a great 5 days of riding!


David May said...

where do I find this trail? It looks amazing!!

blakctuskjerky @ gmail dot com

Pat Mulrooney said...

Cheers.... it's above Marshal Lake in the Shulaps mountain range.