Saturday, February 13, 2016

Back in our Back-Yard....

After a month in the European Alps we were anxious to get after it back in Canada. Shortly after our epic new years trip we were Europe bound. While we were away there was a significant warming and rain event on the coast but as we touched down on home soil, conditions were setting up just in time for a deep week-end. When we woke Saturday morning, 60cms of fresh had fallen on the rain crust so stability would obviously be touchy. Only 30 minutes from home we know a steep tree zone perfect for days like this.      

On the day's first up-track the sky began to clear....  

I got to test ride my brand new 2016 G3 Black Sheep splitty and the best goggle baggy ever from the Stiegl brewery in Salzburg Austria!  

The first turns were milky....  

The refinements G3 has made on the Black Sheep were perfect. She has a well balanced camber and likes to charge!          

We spent the day working a nice piece of West Coast forest. What more could we ask for on our first days back in Canada!    

The next day Calum joined us for an exploration tour up on Habrich Ridge above Howe Sound. When the snow improves again this should be an epic zone!      

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