Tuesday, December 1, 2015

High pressure and low pressure....

The conditions lined up perfectly for a Sunday afternoon ride in the alpine. You know what they say.... high pressure weather usually means low pressure tires. Actually I don't think they say that but it makes sense to me. The day before Kurt and I were on the North Facing slopes of Garibaldi and after sussing out the conditions I knew the Fat bikes had to come out one more time before the next snowfall. The temperature in Squamish was -6 deg C and we were soon riding up at
+5 deg C! Featured on Norco Bicycles news here....

It was too tempting to see what I could do with my Sasquatch so I dropped in!  

The slightly breakable crust turned out to be just right to get a little loose!

We enjoyed some amazing views of Garibaldi Park's more remote peaks like Castle Towers and Mt Carr.

It turned out to be another beautiful day in the mountains on a FAT bike!

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