Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Top of the world to the Middle of Nowhere....

Don't tell anyone but somehow I found myself in the Whistler Bike Park on Saturday!

It's been quite a while so I needed a warm up lap on the newly opened Creekside Trail network.

The real reason for the upload was to check out a very cool series of trails Danielle's brother suggested we hit up. Top of the world to Kyber's Pass to Middle of Nowhere to Kashmir to Babylon by Bike to See Colours and Puke to Hi Side to Hi Hi to Hi Line to Duncan's to Whistler Brewing!  

Can't think of a better way to finish an epic day out than a few pints at Whistler Brewing!

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gusDon said...

Adventure on the mountain that brought impression for anyone, nature seemingly calm, but it might save something, who knows. Even around the dramatic nature can inspire.