Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shiloh at the Birkenshred....

After too much Turkey and not enough Christmas Pivo Danielle and I packed up boxing day morning and headed north in search of the good stuff.

It was tough to leave the new tap handles all alone but on rare occasions pow comes before pints.

Day one we entered the forest to find extremly bony conditions in a usually solid state by this point in the season.  

The last two months fluctuating weather events have created a very challenging snowpack. I've been using all my G3 AVALANCHE TOOLS and all my brain tools to travel safely this season.        

Day 2 we decided to hit a rarely visited zone that provides a great view of Anderson Lake and it's high peaks.    

We found a perfect series of north facing subalpine hallways in waist seep storm snow.    

Day 3 we spent farming NF pillows on the SunGod. Only a little more snow required to open the entire area up. See you soon Birkenhead....

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