Thursday, February 20, 2014

The drought is over....

..... and the tap is wide open with almost 2 weeks of continuous precip in the form of cold powder. With nearly 200cms of new snow on top of an already very complex and non typical coastal snowpack it's time to play safe. We decided to take a trip over the Hurley to Bralorne and sample the old growth trees en route.

After unloading at valley bottom in Pemberton we made our DEEP way up to the pass and found a nice parking spot.....  


This spot is a nice one to have in your back pocket when things are touchy. Even so we experienced some very eery settlement whumphs below tree-line and in very thick forested areas.

After a couple of laps the weather came in and the Mineshaft Pub was calling so we headed north.

I had a bit of fun on the way.....

There 's a brand new info kiosk at the junction of the east Hurley. Pretty nice set up.      

A very old photo of the ski lodge we would be heading to the next day at Sunshine Mountain is featured....    

We checked in to our cozy accommodations and headed for dinner.      

They've done a great job with this place.

We only met one other skier in the deserted streets of Bralorne.

A typical Mineshaft scene with a Husky chillin on the floor.  

The next morning I woke up very refreshed. I realized it was due to the hops growing below our window and remembered I sleep very well when hops are near!

The ski lodge was open for business and the repairs were outstanding.              

So nice to see this place brought back to life.  

We spent the afternoon as the only lift ticket holders and shredded waist deep pow in bounds! Sunshine mountain was true to it's name and the skies cleared.  

After another great week-end in the Bridge River Valley we headed home and braved the snow covered highway in Whistler traffic.          

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