Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shootin up Gun Creek....

Each spring the time comes when the back-country starts calling the bikes to return. There's no better place to make this happen then the Southern Chilcotin Mountains of B.C. Word on the street was the snow was melting rapidly and everything was opening up at least 30 days earlier than usual. May long week-end we packed up and headed north for a 3 day single-track session.

Day one we decided to hit up the Carl Cr trail near Bralorne. Recent logging was a factor but only effected one small part on the descent and winter blowdown was at a minimum.


Later that day we arrived at our mountain lodge and watched the evening light set on Truax Mountain.

The next day we set off for a big pedal to Spruce Lake up the classic Gun Creek Trail. We earned some  trail Karma with some well needed blowdown removal.....

Only a little over a month earlier, we were in the same spot with a different single-track weapon!  

Sheba was lit up in all her glory!  

There were other trail users in the area earlier that day....  

This was the earliest I'd ever seen the Balsam Root in full bloom....

Mmmm.... Dickson....  

The trail shouted, "Ride Me!"


We capped off the week-end with a rip on the never disappointing North Cinnabar trail above Tyaughton Lake.    

Another amazing week-end in B.C.'s paradise!


  1. Nice! Our first foray to the Chilcotins is coming up this weekend :-)

  2. Right on... you'll fall in love!

  3. I should have said our first foray 'this year'; we've been Chilcotin regulars for many years.