Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nch'kay "The Dirty Place"....

Living in Squamish it's tough not to get drawn to the summit of Mt. Garibaldi. Only a few weeks back we were standing atop the lofty volcano of Howe Sound. April 21 Danielle and I decided to join Andy and his buddy on another ascent of this masterpiece. 

When we set off we were in a spring power flurry that would produce about 5cms in a few hours. The summit and glacier was well obscured by a thick cloud but we persevered. 

The North Pitt glacier was showing some massive slots that were nowhere to be seen only a month earlier. 

Our perseverance paid off and the summit showed itself at around 4:00pm. The berg was well open but a small bridge was passable. 

Boards on backs we made a final summit push....

The good thing about a 5:00pm summit is the afternoon light on Atwell's NE face!  

The descent was too juicy for photos but I did take the time to capture some ancient ice.  

Celebratory beers back on Brohm Ridge with a million dollar view of our house on Howe Sound. 

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