Friday, March 15, 2013

SunHead and the BirkenGod....

It's the time of the year again when the goods are up for grab with longer days and blue skies. While it's officially still winter, it's feeling pretty springy out there. The north faces still hold cold deep pow just waiting to be shredded! Ross and I headed north Friday am to assault the Sun God. This time we decided to brave the ultra sled whooped road twice and shuttle to the south side for a safer summit approach.

The day was turning out to be shiny....


Others were enjoying the beautiful day....

Just as we neared the summit flat light greybird set in. We waited it out and were rewarded an hour later.

I'm fortunate enough to have my hands on a 2014 G3 Black Sheep Splitty and this was the first line she would be tested on. Sungod's 4300ft classic north face.          

We took a look at the snowpack for some concerns at 120cms down and found it was tightening up nicely.      

A scenic decent of the Tenquille area....

Nicely done!

Ross admired our work and we set off for the sled retrieval and a very dark exit.

That night we stayed in the Birken village of Pemberswiss and Danielle joined us for the next days antics.    

We awoke to another stellar day.

Gotta love spring sled access.  

Our mission was the Birkenhead.... It looked juicy!

When we broke tree-line the winds were unusually high.  

The Birkenstock reviled itself.

Lovin the camber on the G3 Black Sheep.  

This is a really special valley....


Travel on the glacier was outstanding....

The boot-pack was steep and windy.

But we found the alpine beach when we neared the summit.


Great views of the Sungod across the valley....    

And the Duffey area.  

The 4900ft decent of Birkenhead in the bag. Two amazing March days in the Pemberton area.


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pebbleshoo leigh said...

Really nice! Love this blog.

Pat Mulrooney said...

Thanks very much Leigh.... glad you like it. Looks like you've got a great looking blog.