Friday, March 9, 2012


Mike and I decided to celebrate the first week of Marchpowderfest by heading to the small village of Pemberpowplow. So after a hard days work we headed north and spent a night in the Hostel Shilohworks.... aka Pemberswiss.

After a couple of hours we arrived in Pemberpowplow and tunnelled our way in. It was still there!

With half a day left we decided to do some exploring and found a sweet 700m run to milk.

It was deep.

We got back just in time for dinner and Mike pulled off one of his famous 4star kung-fu dinner moves! Check out the size of Mike's flat bread!

In the morning Scottish Paul and Yorkshire Andy met up with us and then there we're four. Plenty of pow to go around.

On our way back to the village we heard rumours that others had arrived. The head count was now 11 humans and 4 dogs. This would be interesting.

The good news is we would learn the game of French Canadian Dice. My math skills suck and you need them for this game so I cheated.

Hold your bets....

Smart dog...

In the morning the temps were warming and the evening brought in a shit-load more snow with wind so we grabbed a couple more runs and headed back to North VanNoPow. Let's hope for more great week-ends in Marchpowderfest!                       

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