Sunday, November 20, 2011

Plowing Pow in Squamish....

My anticipation built up all week as this winter's first big storms blasted the Coast Mountains around Vancouver. As Saturday approached all signs pointed to a bomber weather day and a load of new snow. It's pretty rare to experience legitimate mid winter conditions in November but that's what was delivered in Squamish. Photos....

I'd also been raring to take out the new sled so it was time to fire it up. It had been a little too long since Aussie Dave had been out with me so I was pumped when he confirmed he would help me break in the new machine. We arrived at the trailhead early enough to beat the crowds and headed into the valley.

Just as we were leaving we ran into Toby and Matt who shared our opinion of where the goods would be. The snow was deep and cold..... game on!

The four of us made quick work of setting the up-track and were ready for our first deep run on the season.

What month is this again?

The alpine was beckoning so we decided to get high.

After spending an hour in the mountains shadow we emerged on the ridge and were back in the sun.

After a pair of two more big runs we arrived back at the sleds just before dark. Toby and Matt we're kind enough share some delicious Red Racer IPA's they had stashed away. After a day like that we agreed all signs point to a big season!   


  1. beautiful mountains!! which trail is this?
    it looks soooo fun!!! I wanna try it someday.

  2. Cheers Tempei....

    It's not a trail. Just a bunch of guys wandering around Roe Creek near Squamish.

  3. thanks Pat! I had a great tree run last Sunday at Roe creek. Nice and Steep!!