Monday, September 12, 2011

Connecting the Pemberton dots...

With all this high pressure and an extended play summer, another big ride was in store. It was decided that we would traverse from near the town of Birken B.C. over to Tenquille lake and Pemberton meadows. It's an area I became very familiar with this past winter in snow mode. I knew of epic single-track high in the alpine but this would be the first time we would connect it all. Colin, Dave and Rich we up for the 2 day adventure. It began Friday night by dropping one of the Tacoma twins at the end of the meadows below the Tenquille trail. We then found ourselves at what can only be described as Switzerland of Canada, Hostel Shiloh Works.

Saturday morning we got an early start and made our way up the 3 hour / 1000m logging road climb.

Along the way we had great views on some alpine lakes and The Sun God.

After 22kms we located our single-track. The cover of the forest's canopy was more than welcome with the temps rising to nearly 30degC.

After another hour we found the door to the alpine and the views opened up.


This spot brought back old memories of Heli drops and big descents.


When we made it to the 2000m pass we decided to set up camp.

With the light fading fast we made our way up Mt. Barbour to grab a late day descent. So gooooood!


Once again the evening was amazing with an almost full moon and a star filled sky!


The next morning we pushed our way up to another high pass to get in some more alpine turns.

Colin and the Marmot (to his left) had a staring contest to see who should be in charge of looking over Pemberton Meadows.

The Marmot won!

It was then time to reap the rewards of the previous days climb and shred the single-track to Tenquille Lake! Another day in paradise....

For some reason there's now a hotel at the Lake?

And the grand prize was another late season descent of the epic Tenquille trail! Good times.....


dre said...

Incredible photos! Incredible photo story.

c.reddin said...

Doing a heli drop this weekend on Barbour and these pics look good. How tricky is it to find the trail from the top of barbour down to Tenquille? I am assuming the alpine is a little hard to navigate.